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Spoken English

English Speaking has become very important in all spheres of life. Doesn’t matter whether you are a Student, professional or a housewife, You will be benefited by attending our English Speaking classes.

Our classes are aimed to improve diction, improve vocabulary, improve grammatically and increase confidence to face people in their daily interaction at work or at any other Place. Our Institution covers the course in grammar, fluency in speaking and vocabulary and majorly personality Development skills.

Importance Of Spoken English Classes

Whether it is for job search or to study abroad, learning English can help in growing in life both personally and professionally. One can compete in the global job market, improve career skills, and build a connection with people around the world if he is proficient in Spoken English. New Cambridge College is the best Spoken English coaching institute in Chandigarh and tri-city.

Spoken English is essential due to the following few points.

  1. English is a language recognized globally
  2. Employment chances highly improve if one is proficient in Spoken English
  3. English is an official language of 53 countries which helps in building links with people around the world.
  4. Traveling becomes a lot easier if one possesses knowledge of the English language.
  5. The number of opportunities for studying in different countries increases if a student is proficient English language.
  6. English is the language that is widely used on the Internet as several websites are written in English.
  7. As many of the top journals are published in the English language, it gives access to research and information. 

Spoken English has also become a social status for many as it is considered as the plus point for any professional, especially in developing countries like India. English has prevailed in our country so much that it has become synonymous with success. As it also helps in boosting confidence in the person. Fluency in the English language is a stepping stone in today’s competitive world, and Indra Global is the perfect place to give you guidance in learning Spoken English.


Curriculum Of Spoken English Classes

The curriculum designed by expert trainers at New Cambridge College takes you to step by step training, starting from polishing the English grammar. Our curriculum is carefully researched and proved to bring excellent results whose highlights are as follows.

  1. Writing, listening & reading skills
  2. Vocabulary enhancement
  3. Group discussions
  4. Act outs
  5. Debates
  6. Picture composition/comprehension /unseen passages
  7. Interactive games to improve English fluency
  8. Practical learning with real-time examples
  9. Individual and group oral presentations 

Interactive Ways to Familiarise with The Language

  1. Pictorial dictionaries
  2. Audio/video visual
  3. Placards & display boards
  4. Case Study
  5. Story narration

Why do you choose Us?

Indra Global has gained a reputation as the best-Spoken English institute because of the dedication with which we guide our students. Some of the highlights which are the primary reasons why Indian students lack the efficiency in fluent English and hence require Spoken English classes.

  1. The teaching strategies are not up to the mark with only theoretical and bookish knowledge.
  2. No use of effective teaching methods such as audio-visual aid in the language classroom to improve accent and understanding ability of foreign language.
  3. There is a lack of constructive feedback to the student and hence diminishing the scope of improvement.
  4. Demotivating students because of their inability to learn.
  5. There is inactive participation of students in practical learning ways such as plays/dramas, poem recitation, debates, group discussions, etc.
  6. There is no updated awareness regarding demand and need for Spoken English in different job professions.
  7. There is a non-availability of books, newspapers, and journals.
  8. There is no one-to-one session with students for pronunciation check.

We at Indra Global focus on rectifying the above points and hence have proved to be the best coaching institute for Spoken English classes time and again. And to start with, we first emphasize the active listening skills in the candidate so that he/she can understand narration.