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Everything You Need to Know about International Student Visa

If you are traveling abroad to further your education, you will encounter several stops before arriving at your final destination.

Standardized entrance exams, language proficiency tests, educational and financial documents, and the student visa process are all part of the journey.

If you are unfamiliar with the complexities of applying for a student visa, you have come to the right place! INDIRA GLOBAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES will introduce you to a student visa guide that contains minute details about student visas such as student visa USA requirements, age limit, cost, and how to obtain a study visa!

How do you get a student visa?

A visa is essentially a document that allows a person to enter another country for a set period of time. Thus, a student visa is a document that allows a student to stay in another country for educational purposes. Depending on the circumstances, the visa may also permit the student to stay for months or years after graduation.

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Requirements for Obtaining a Student Visa

The requirements for an Indian student visa vary from case to case. The requirements also differ depending on the country you are applying to; for example, student visa requirements in the United States differ from those in the United Kingdom.

Let us now look at the major requirements for applying for a study abroad visa:

  1. Passport

You will, first and foremost, require a valid passport. The requirements for its validity would now vary by country. Some countries require a passport that must be valid until the end of your course, while others do not. Furthermore, if you enjoy traveling, make sure your passport has at least two blank pages for a visa. The rules are as straightforward as they are important.

  1. Admission Letter

The next thing you’ll need is an admission letter from the university you’re applying to. It must be a document that expressly confirms your acceptance into a course at their university.

  1. Language proficiency examination

You do want to fit in both at the university and in the country you are visiting, right? As a result, you will essentially need to demonstrate that you are fluent in their native language. If you intend to visit an English-speaking country, the most widely accepted language proficiency tests are the TOEFL, IELTS, and/or PTE.

If your quest takes you to a country with a different native language, you will need to be certified in it. For example, if you want to study in Germany, you must be certified with their CEFR Certified Levels.

Before you register for a language proficiency test, make sure it is valid in the country you intend to visit.

Process of Student Visa Interview

The visa interview questions and answers are critical because they determine the fate of your visa results. The questions are fairly simple and are designed to assess your ability to live and study abroad. During your interview, you will be asked questions about your finances, why you chose a particular course, your educational and professional background, your plans after graduating in the intended country, probably your family background, and your future goals.

Our 5-step process for Study Visa Guidance

  1. Counselling

Our expert education consultants who have graduated from foreign universities provide free counselling to prospective students.

  1. Determine the course and university

We guide you through a maze of questions to find the best solutions for your profile. This ensures you select the best academic path to achieve your career goals based on your aptitude, ability, and interest.

  1. Application Advice

We pay close attention to your application, whether it is on paper or online. We ensure that your required documents are thoroughly compiled, attested, and highlight the areas critical for a well-presented, error-free application. We have a dedicated team to assist our students with visa processing.

  1. Exam Preparation

We offer the best preparation for IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, and spoken English. Every student is unique, and we use a mentoring model in which each student receives personalised attention. Our cohort is small, and their faculty ensures that students perform to the best of their abilities.

  1. Financial advice

We provide comprehensive guidance on Educational Loans granted by Financial Institutions and Banks. We also provide students with information on various international, institutional, and national scholarships.

Services from beginning to end

Our services are available at all times and never come to an end. We will ensure that services and assistance continue even after the course is completed.

Post-interview Process for a Student Visa

The outcome of your visa interview will be either Accepted or Approved. The Visa Officer will keep your passport and you will be able to collect the stamped passport the following day from the OFC Office. Or, they will issue you a visa rejection by issuing Form 214B. This is a general letter describing you as a potential immigrant.

Don’t give up hope and don’t argue with the office about such a tragic event. Accept the decision with grace and exit the consulate. Your subsequent actions may influence their decision during the next interview attempt. 

So, if you’ve started your journey to a university abroad, make sure you have everything you need. Your resourcefulness will improve your time management and allow you to move through the educational visa process much more quickly. Contact INDIRA GLOBAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES for more information on student visas.

Student visa eligibility requirements

  1. A strong academic record will ensure a smooth application process.
  2. You must have sufficient funds to complete your studies.
  3. You must meet the health requirements of your chosen country.

Furthermore, once your student visa expires, authorities will expect you to leave the country. As a result, you must convey the same.

Student visa documentation requirements

During the student visa application process, you must submit a slew of documents. However, the following are some of the mandatory documents that popular countries require when planning to study abroad:

  1. Admission letter confirming your acceptance to a course, institution, or university for which you have applied.
  2. Academic transcripts, certificates, and degrees from previous universities.
  3. A passport that is valid until the end of the course or beyond.
  4. Certificate of proof of funds demonstrating that you are financially capable of studying and managing your living expenses in a foreign country.
  5. Scores on English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

How to Apply for a Student Visa

After receiving a letter of acceptance from the university you applied to and paying the visa application fee, you can begin the visa application process. You can apply for a student visa using either of the two methods listed below:

The online visa application process is quick, simple, and efficient. When applying for a student visa online, you must create a student profile, fill out all forms, and attach all required documents in the specified format and size.

Offline process: Download the application form, fill it out, and submit it to designated centres.

What If Any Student Visa Is Rejected?

Even if your visa is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. This necessitates the submission of additional documentation, such as:

  1. Employment verification
  2. Homeownership and business ownership
  3. A fax from your school explaining your qualifications to the embassy or consulate
  4. Fax documents to the Chief of Non-immigrant Visas at your local embassy or consulate.